About Us
About Us

We think life is too short to make ordinary stuff. Call us crazy, but we're passionate about pursuing great ideas. We reach for solutions that reach people. We seek outcomes that are remarkable, honest and, occasionally, truly sublime.

We ask "why" a lot. We also ask "why not?" 

We love design. We love what we do. We want to use what we do to make the world a better place. Is that corny? We don't think so. 

We're small, but we think small is beautiful. We're a start-up with years of experience. We've been lucky to have worked on a number of great brands and projects. And we've been lucky enough to have received some recognition over the years, for which we are infinitely grateful.

We welcome new challenges and experiences (yes, people say that, but we really mean it).

We think this site gives you a fair idea of what we can do. Now let's make something extraordinary together.

Yes, This Is Folly.


Awards & Such

John Moes - This Is Folly
John "Mr" Moes

Has an unhealthy obsession with architect Frank Lloyd Wright and organic architecture.

For fun: escapes the computer to build stuff.

Johnny Moes

Road to Folly: Birth. Green Bay. Drawing. Dreams of being a long haul trucker. Fashions a Millennium Falcon out of tape and cardboard. Wisconsin Rapids. BMX. UW-Stout. Beer. Design. LOTS of caffeine. Roommates include bats. Peanut butter and cheese spread. Holly. Minneapolis. Lives in walk-in closet (literally). Crap jobs. Tilka. More bikes. Studio Flux with Holly. Good work. Awards. Eco-design awards. Closes Studio Flux. Design Guys. Big-shot clients. Organic Design Operatives. Learns CAD. Designs furniture. Makes furniture. Sells furniture. Dog. Lots of walks. Realizes This Is Folly.

John Moes - BMX
Paper Model- Frank Lloyd Wright
Paper Watch - Folly

Heartily agrees that chocolate and peanut butter are two great tastes that go great together.

Greatest moment: winning a school-wide drawing contest in second grade. Okay, and designing furniture for Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple in Chicago.

Inspirations include science fiction, architecture, and American vernacular design ephemera from the last century ("The matchbook covers were as cool as the posters.")

Favorite folly: Wright's 1896 Romeo and Juliet windmill.

Biggest ambition: Have fun. Do good work.

Holly Robbins
Holly Robbins This Is Folly
Holly Robbins Flying

Read War and Peace AND Crime and Punishment
(they are better than you'd think).

Allergic to peanut butter.

Possesses no ability to recognize faces.

Enjoys getting lost in countries where she doesn't
know the language.

Doesn't believe in astrology, but finds that she is a
water baby just as her Pisces sign would suggest.


Path to Folly: Birth. South Bend. Learn to walk. Alma. Lost in corn field. Chippewa Falls. Bikes. Bit by uncle's dog. Hobby farm. Menomonie. Cutting class. Art. Horses. Stout. Art metal. Blacksmithing. Design. No sleep. Hildesheim (Germany). Beer. Minneapolis. Advertising agency. Do penance at Greenpeace. Grunge. North Shore. John. Opened partnership Studio Flux. Awards. Kayaks. Closed Studio Flux. Gardner Design/Shea, Inc. Helped start MCAD Sustainable Design Online program. Target. Dog. This Is Folly.

Holly Robbins Lake
Holly Robbins Marie Antioinette

A favorite folly: Marie-Antoinette's "Hameau", her charmingly rustic Disney-esque faux peasant village on the grounds of the Petit Trianon at Versailles.

Holly Robbins

Check out the Masters in Sustainable Design program Holly helped found and develop. Holly continues to teach courses.

Holly Robbins Tolkien

And then there's our dauntless, black and white mascot—Willow.

Willow - Portrait

Well, Boo To You Too!

Willow - Boo
Willow - Play
Willow - Yummy
Best "My, That Looks Like A Yummy Treat" Face

Biggest passion: running circles around the other dogs at the dog park and being chased.

Has been called a Border Labrahoundie, but which doesn't quite explain everything.

Is convinced every delivery person is up to no good.


Willow - Monkey Face
Best Monkey Face

Birth. Kentucky. Pound. (Who wouldn't want this adorable soul?) Safe Hands Rescue. (Thank you, SHR.) Long journey. Scared. Noise. Minneapolis. Rescue kennel. Foster family. Long wait. New home. Vet. Yummy turkey and bison. Lakes. Boat rides and biting waves. Rabbits. Barky park. Buddy, Zebber Do. Treat! Turkey hot dogs. Doggie day care. Neighborhood friends. Treat!

Willow - Sand
Willow 7

Nurtures an unhealthy obsession with rabbits.

Possesses a vocabulary of 50 words and counting. (So don't say W-A-L-K unless you mean it!)

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